Lawn Care

A lawn plays a pivotal roll in the overall appearance of your home and offers a place for active families, to play and relax. Green fields landscaping can make it happen!


Green fields is very successful in creating new lawns but cautions that without in-ground irrigation or if you are subject to strict watering restrictions, lawns will suffer during establishment and through the summer months. You may consider having a well put in to alleviate these problems for good.

Site Evaluation & Pricing

1. Green fields will determine the entire square foot area of lawn that is desired to be installed.

2. Will there be an in-ground sprinkler system installed? This will greatly determine which type of lawn can be acceptably planted and the final price.

3. How much debris needs to be removed such as sticks, logs, rocks, boulders, building material waste and other objects that can not be simply buried back on the property? Do trees and stumps need to be removed?

4. Drainage. Does the lawn area have sufficient drainage or will it have to be fitted with drainage pipes to keep water from puddling?

5. Grading of subsoil. How much time is involved with grading out the area prior to preparing it for new material?

6. How many cubic yards of composted loam will be brought in?

7. How much time it will take to spread the materials chosen?

8. Time it will take to fine rake the lawn area?

9. Type of seed and/or sod chosen?

10.  Hydroseeding or Sodding?

Once the factors above are determined, Green fields will provide you with a firm estimate and your options. There's a lot more to a new lawn than just throwing down seed, it's truly a mix of art and science!


Professional mowing makes all the difference.

Green fields crew of experienced mowers will leave your lawn looking its best week in and week out throughout the season. With our wide mowers, expect a beautiful pattern on your lawn in a new direction every week. Our crew finishes each mowing with a string trimming around trees, beds and your driveway, and any clippings on your stairs, driveway, patio or other services are blown off with our back pack blowers.

Green fields understands that not all lawns have the same needs when it comes to fertilizing, weed and grub control, core aerating, compost topdressing, dethatching and more.