Our stone masons, make sure you get the best quality work at the fairest price. We like to say, vacations are great, but Hardscapes last forever. A professional hardscape not only enhances the aesthetics of your home, but can deliver years of happiness in knowing you made a wise decision to beautify your home.

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Asphalt's good, concrete's better, but nothing beats concrete pavers to welcome you home. Your cars will love it and so will you. A truly dramatic enhancement to your home and a permanent driveway solution. In the remote event that a paver is damaged, it is simply removed and replaced, something impossible with cracking asphalt or concrete.

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Firepits & Grills:

A firepit and patio become necessary luxuries once you have them. The patio is somewhere to relax before the sun goes down, and at night it's lit up with bright flames and glowing embers, calm and peaceful to watch and get lost in. The firepit is really great all seasons! Sitting outside in the winter by the firepit brings welcome warmth from the cold while providing you the opportunity to breathe in the crisp air of winter. A firepit is a truly wonderful addition to any patio large or small. For real versatility, add a grilling station for outdoor barbeques.


This combination patio, firepit, grilling station and retaining wall provide an exceptional  private outdoor space to enjoy the colors of the seasons. A bluestone walk from sliders on the house lead to the patio stairs, lit up at night with matching lanterns.

This home just had grass leading up to the sliding glass doors, with a few pieces of flagstone set in right below. The customer wanted a small patio with a firepit and a short wall separating it from the rest of the yard where the kids could play. To complete the outdoor space, two pillars with lights were erected, and of course a gas grille was added!

Patios from Green fields landscaping open a whole new dimension to your home. They are the perfect place to sit outside to relax, barbeque, and entertain. We use several different materials and patterns to tailor your new patio to the look you want while adding functionality you can enjoy for many, many seasons to come.


This beautiful bluestone patio has dramatically changed the look of the backyard of this home. Besides the usual benefits that a patio offers such as a place to relax, barbeque and entertain, this patio offers much more. The patio creates a permanent element to the backyard defining itself from the grounds which change constantly with the seasons.


This unsightly, underutilized backyard has been transformed into a space the family can truly enjoy and use often. The concrete pavers will last a lifetime and the lawn area is prepped and ready for hydroseeding a "child resistant" lawn of turf-type tall fescue.

This two-story home had an underutilized backyard. After choosing not to build a wooden deck which comes with a certain degree of maintenance they were not willing to do, a patio of concrete pavers was a perfect choice due to their permanence, very low maintenance, and their long-lasting beauty.

Walls built by Green fields define new spaces, offer privacy, and add lasting beauty to your property. In residential construction, they're primarily used as retaining walls to hold back material from encroaching on another part of the property, but they can be so much more than that. They define new spaces, they offer privacy, and they add beauty to your property. Many of the walls we install serve to not only hold back material ,they may also contain stairs as a transition from one elevation to another.


Although the landscape timbers were still functional, the homeowner found them to be extremely unattractive. A stonewall was not in the budget so they elected to go with a very attractive and more affordable concrete block paver solution for the retaining wall and stairs.

The retaining wall on both sides of this driveway were falling down. We installed concrete blocks on both sides of the driveway. The driveway was paved and the homeowner has a solution that will last for decades.

There was just wasted space outside the porch of this home, and a chimney and two air conditioning units that needed hiding. The homeowner opted for a concrete block paver wall and patio. It hid the base of the chimney and the air conditioners, and gave the homeowners a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy three seasons.

Green fields creates walkways that set the mood for entering and leaving your home. Today's concrete pavers are superior to asphalt , precast concrete, and rival brick pavers. Coupled with bluestone or granite treads, your walkway becomes a beautiful enhancement to your home.


The brick pavers used for the stairs and walk of this house were starting to look tired. The homeowner opted for new brick pavers and granite steps for the stairs as well as the walkway. There are a total of fourteen granite steps on the walk and the stairs for this sizable grade change

This small area needed some creative problem solving. The biggest problem was the trip from the pool to the house often yielded mud as the grass between the slate became wet. The solution was to incorporate a "teardrop" of bluestone between the surface of the pool decking and the first stair of the house. The cutting of the stone fit perfectly with the decking.


Without stairs, you couldn't enter or exit your home. Stairs are an integral part of your home and Green fields builds hardscape stairs from pavers, granite and bluestone creating a beautiful addition to your home and landscape.

This house required several stairs to go from the driveway to the front door. The ascent begins with three concrete block steps from the driveway onto a concrete paver walk. At the end of the walk are three more steps then an intermediate landing. The last three steps culminate in a large, curved landing with enough room to open the storm door fully.


The homeowners had replaced their walkway a few years ago, then the home's original concrete stairs crumbled. A very attractive solution
was to use grey color concrete pavers for the risers and granite for the treads and landing. These materials are not only attractive but very durable.

Here's a textbook case of concrete stairs and an asphalt walkway used for this split level ranch built in the 70's. The owners wanted something more elegant to greet them when they came home. They opted for bluestone treads with stone risers. The walk is also bluestone, and a run of cobblestones lines the inside of the walk to protect it from any mulch washout.